The 1st International Congress on Early Childhood Care (ICA) provides a unique opportunity to meet and discuss a number of issues relating to the field of ICA for children aged 0-6 years. Of special interest at this congress are the topics at the intersection of the fields of family, disability and social competence, and not only in exclusivity the cognitive development in early childhood. The information offered and the exchange of ideas in this knowledge space will be relevant not only to children in more typical family settings, but also to children in institutional care.

Today, early intervention programmes must be considered in the context of major political, social and economic transitions. This conference is designed to address these complexities from a variety of multidisciplinary perspectives. I owe a special debt of gratitude to the co-chairs of the congress, Dr. David Sánchez Teruel of the University of Córdoba and Dr. José Antonio Muela Martínez of the University of Jaén, for taking on important responsibilities in the organization of this congress. It is thanks to their efforts that this congress will transform the lives of the participating professionals, and indirectly improve the lives of children with disabilities and all those parents who care for them

Dra. Mª Auxiliadora Robles Bello

President of the International Association of the Scientific Society for Research and Teaching in Early Childhood Care

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